SINANODE® is the silicon anode technology platform that increases EV battery performance while lowering cost

Here’s how The SINANODE Step advances the Li-ion battery:

Climate Change

Broad EV adoption can significantly reduce carbon released into the atmosphere. To get there, we must scale technologies that increase global supply chain accessibility while meeting consumer demand for higher performance and lower cost.


We begin with EV-grade graphite. This means existing supplies, supplier relationships, and manufacturing infrastructure remain undisrupted.


Silicon stores 10 times the energy of graphite. Using silane, we infuse silicon nanowires into the graphite, supercharging it. The silicon nanowires fill the surface and the internal pores of the graphite, making the silicon accessible to the lithium ions. By eliminating the issues of silicon expansion and stability, SINANODE unlocks silicon’s full potential.


With the infused silicon evenly distributed and permanently embedded into the graphite, the silicon nanowires have an available reversible capacity of 3,250mAh/g and a lower cost per kWh than graphite alone. SINANODE technology allows wet or dry electrode coating, offering further cost reductions.


The battery cell now has greater energy density, uses fewer natural resources, charges faster, and costs less to manufacture. Cell formats can include cylindrical, pouch, or prismatic.

Battery Pack

The smaller, lighter, and less costly battery pack provides greater energy capacity and includes SINANODE expansive safety features such as reference electrodes for BMS improved thermal management and lifecycle.

Differentiated EV

An EV with SINANODE differentiates from its competition by meeting consumer demand for affordable performance in the near term.

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