Our Unique Business Model

The ethos of Silicon Simplified not only describes our technology platform, it also extends to all aspects of our business model. OneD does not aim to become a large-scale anode material supplier to EV cell factories. Instead, we seamlessly integrate the SINANODE platform in three ways: joint development agreements, pilot production program, and large-scale production licensing. These three steps are designed to collaborate with participants in the EV supply chains: natural and artificial graphite suppliers; EV cell makers; industrial partners; and OEMs.

Joint Dev Agreement


  • Silicon / Graphite
  • Electrode / Design

The JDAs are designed to optimize the anodes of prototype cells to meet the target specifications of OEM customers. During the JDAs, a selection of graphite substrates, silicon content, and surface treatments are optimized in a collaborative way, based on OneD’s extensive IP and know-how. This creates differentiated solutions.

Pilot Program


  • Qualification
  • Pre-production

The Pilot Program is designed to offer each customer the ability to process sufficient quantities of graphite and add silicon in optimized anode electrodes for EV cell and EV battery pack qualification processes. This enables a path to commercial adoption.


Large Scale

  • SINANODE Mass Production

Reducing risks and costs, we designed the large-scale SINANODE Licensing Program to enable each customer to leverage established industrial partners in each key market. This allows licensees to build and operate SINANODE processing plants at EV-scale.

SINANODE Pilot Program

The Pilot Manufacturing Plant in Moses Lake, WA supports our customers with consistent manufacturing of Silicon Anode Material for high volume cell coating runs and battery qualification. Production capacity is 100,000 kg of SINANODE material with 450-1300 mAh/gram anode capacity. The plant starts ramping up in Q2 2024 and will be ISO and automotive qualified. 

Pilot Plant Floor Plan

One of the pilot facilities at SINANODE North America

PIlot Plant
CVD Equipment Corporation SINANODE

Intellectual Property

OneD’s electrochemical leadership is evidenced by over 200 patents granted in key countries, covering inventions ranging from material nanostructures, electrode and battery designs, to manufacturing processes and equipment.

In addition to two decades of inventions by the R&D team while working first at Nanosys and later at OneD, our IP portfolio also includes inventions from world-renowned scientists at Harvard University. OneD’s large IP portfolio protects our customers and partners and their respective investments in next generation EV batteries.

The SINANODE technologies and products (materials, methods, and apparatuses) are protected by patents in the US and elsewhere. This link to download the PDF with the patent list is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including the virtual patent marking provisions of the America Invents Act and provide notice under 35 USC §287 (a).

Granted Foreign Patents
Pending Foreign Patent Applications
Granted US Patents
Pending US Patent Applications
Granted & Pending Patents

Data as of 4/15/2024
Unpublished pending applications not included.

OneD IP Geographical Coverage

Broad Coverage in North America, Europe and Asia

World Map

1 patent


United States:
82 patents


100 patents


11 patents


6 patents


South Korea:
15 patents


22 patents


3 patents

Map data as of 9/30/22
Shows granted and pending patents.

Industry Leading IP Coverage

Composite Materials, Electrodes & Cell Structures & Production Technologies

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