Our Story

In 2013, OneD Battery Sciences acquired Nanosys’ nanowire technologies (SINANODE) and its Palo Alto R&D activities.

Today, OneD operates a SINANODE pilot production to support the development of advanced electrochemical cells and the production scale up of its industrial partners.

Building upon over a decade of R&D, Yimin Zhu, PhD, OneD’s CTO, leads a team that continues to improve the SINANODE manufacturing processes that redefine the potential of lithium ion batteries in electric vehicles.

OneD partners with leading material suppliers, battery makers, and their customers to scale up production and accelerate market adoption to meet current and future market demand.

The SINANODE processes are optimized to enable large scale manufacturing of high performance anode materials at competitive cost, and to ensure compatibility with the processes of current and future EV cell factories.

One-Dimensional Explained

Materials with nano-scale volume.
Example: Quantum Dots

Materials with nano-scale diameter and micron-scale length.
Example: Nanowires

Materials with nano-scale thickness and micron-scale length and width.
Example: Graphene

Materials with micron-scale length, width, and depth.
Example: Graphite Particles

Our History

After acquiring the foundational SINANODE technology from Nanosys in 2013, OneD has focused on scaling it to meet EV manufacturing needs.


Our Team

Executive Team