Greta Fitzgerald

Head of Human Resources

Greta Fitzgerald brings over 15 years of human resources experience to OneD. She has worked at a variety of global companies ranging from seed-sized start-ups to large-scale private companies. She started her HR career working in recruiting and, thanks to her understanding of all aspects of HR, quickly found herself in generalist roles. Greta is passionate about streamlining operations, creating policies to ensure compliance, and working closely with executive management to cultivate a culture that is aligned with company values.

At OneD, she is passionate about fostering connections among the company’s employees worldwide. She also enjoys finding ways to recognize and promote employees’ best work.

Greta graduated with her Master of Fine Arts from Columbia University and her Bachelors of Arts from Santa Clara University. She has continued to take courses throughout the years at UC Berkeley and Stanford to build on her HR expertise. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family at the beach over a meal made by her husband, who is a professional chef.