Yimin Zhu, PhD

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Yimin Zhu

A visionary in battery, fuel cell, and hybrid system development, Dr. Zhu has contributed to significant breakthroughs in nanomaterials. Since 2007, Dr. Zhu has led the development, production, and commercialization of SINANODE battery technologies — first at Nanosys and, since the 2013 acquisition, at OneD.

Author of over 60 peer-reviewed papers and presenting his work at many industry conferences, Dr. Zhu holds over 70 energy storage worldwide patents and applications. He has dedicated himself to R&D and commercialization of energy storage, nanomaterials, and devices since 1998, first at Yamanashi University (NEDO Researcher Zero Emission EVs, Japan) and then in 2001 at Los Alamos National Laboratory (Scientist — Catalyst and Fuel Cells).

He earned his PhD in Electrochemistry at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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