OneD and Customcells enter into a strategic, project-based partnership.

The goal is the joint development and industrialization of EV battery cells, for internationally active automotive OEMs.

Jan-Marc Luchies, COO of OneD Battery Sciences opens SINANODE Europe GmbH in Munich.

A SINANODE production pilot plant is established in Europe for European customers.

PALO ALTO, California, June 15, 2023 – OneD Battery Sciences announces a strategic, project-based partnership with Customcells, a leading global developer manufacturer of custom-engineered battery cells. OneD and Customcells have agreed to jointly optimize, manufacture and deliver BEV prototype cells to a global automotive manufacturer in an initial joint project led by Yimin Zhu, CTO of OneD. At the same time, OneD is moving forward with the expansion of its own cell pilot manufacturing facility, based on SINANODE technology, in Moses Lake and is also establishing a subsidiary in Germany for the European market.


Effective immediately, OneD is represented by SINANODE Europe GmbH in Munich. The European company is led by Jan-Marc Luchies. He joins OneD from tech giant Infineon and, as OneD COO, will initially focus on global pilot production. The pilot plants in Moses Lake and Europe (in planning) represent an essential step for the company, on its way to qualifying the SINANODE technology with OEMs before they move into mass production of the silicon-based batteries. The partnership project with Customcells is an essential element in this regard.


Currently, most electric vehicles are either too expensive for the broad mass of customers or their range is too limited. The reasons for this are the limited energy density and the high cost of the batteries of around $135/kWh. OneD Battery Sciences aims to remove these two hurdles to e-mobility with SINANODE technology. Silicon added to battery anodes is the key, as it is a promising material for anodes because it can hold ten times as many ions per weight as graphite. However, various silicon solutions proposed for long encountered technical problems, such as excessive swelling, gas generation and thermal runaway. OneD’s multi-patented developments help to solve these problems, culminating today in the SINANODE technology. It stands for a graphite-silicon composite anode. These anodes allow a significant reduction in the cost of EV batteries, as the limited added cost of the SINANODE technology reduces significantly the number of cells needed in a battery for the same range.


As a result, smaller and less expensive batteries will be possible, leading to more affordable electric cars
with longer range. Only with these cars will a glaring gap in the BEV model portfolio be closed.

Customcells now supports OneD in the industrialization of cells using SINANODE technology with OneD. Together, OneD and Customcells will now manufacture prototype cells for a globally represented, renowned automobile manufacturer. OneD leverages Customcells’ development expertise and extensive experience for an automotive application.


The partnership now announced, is an important milestone for OneD, on the way to large-scale production of BEV cells on the SINANODE platform. “OneD’s goal has always been to make silicon a viable material for a new era of electric vehicles. We believe that the winners of the electric vehicle race will be those who can effectively utilize more silicon to the battery cell, at low cost, without disrupting existing supply chains and processes,” said Yimin Zhu, CTO of OneD Battery Sciences. “We look forward to working with Customcells with a great deal of enthusiasm. This partnership will enable us to further accelerate the adoption of low-cost electric vehicles.”

The cooperation with OneD is another important step for Customcells on its way to becoming a global player. Customized premium battery cells are the key to sustainable mobility,” said Dr. Dirk Abendroth, CEO, Customcells.

Fifteen years of research and development at OneD have resulted in a portfolio of more than 240 issued
patents that are being applied in OneD’s own pilot production.

In addition to the SINANODE pilot plant in Moses Lake, Washington, another production facility is being planned to start up in Europe next year. The path to the introduction of the SINANODE technology will take place in three steps:

  • Optimization of currently available EV cells at prototype scale
  • Utilization of pilot production facilities, to qualify pre-production to OEM specifications
  • Large-scale production through technology licensing to established industry partners (OEMs and
    battery producers)


“In recent years, we have seen first-hand the importance of streamlined manufacturing and a localized supply chain to reduce BEV manufacturing costs and risks. SINANODE offers a process to realize better and cheaper batteries for electric vehicles,” explains OneD COO Jan-Marc Luchies. “With pilot production both in US and EU respective local OEMs will be able to bring SINANODE production to the market towards the next phase.”

The scaling of the SINANODE processes enables the production of millions of low cost BEVs, at a manageable additional cost. This is because the process runs on machines very similar to those used in the solar cell industry, resulting in very competitive costs. Together with Customcells, OneD Battery Sciences is a big step closer to scaling.

About OneD Battery Sciences

OneD Battery Sciences is the creator of SINANODE, the breakthrough technology that successfully adds more energy-dense silicon into the anodes of EV batteries. The company operates a SINANODE pilot production program to support the development of advanced electrochemical cells and the production scale-up of its industrial partners. In 2013, OneD Battery Sciences acquired Nanosys’ nanowire technologies (SINANODE) and its Palo Alto R&D activities. Today, the Palo Alto-based company has over 240 granted patents and applications in large-scale anode production and innovative EV battery designs.


About CustomCells

Customcells® is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of special lithium-ion battery cell development and electrode manufacturing. With access to 14 industrialized electrode technologies, to over 250 raw materials in stock and to a production equipped with state-of-the-art electrode and cell manufacturing machines, CUSTOMCELLS® is one of the leading manufacturers of customized battery cells. CUSTOMCELLS® produces – Made in Germany – from prototypes to small and medium series. Special application areas are standard for us. Lithium-ion energy storage systems from CUSTOMCELLS® are optimized at the chemistry, battery and battery module level.






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