The key to silicon anode solutions: Cost

Charging an EV battery is simply storing electrons and lithium ions in the appropriate electrode of the cells in the battery pack. Today, almost all the anode electrodes store electrical energy in natural or synthetic graphite particles coated onto the current collector in large EV cell factories. A few leading EV models (for example Tesla Y, Tesla 3, and Porsche Taycan) contain a small amount (a few percentage points) of silicon oxide additives mixed with the graphite, to increase the cells energy and power density, hence increasing EV range and charging speed for a better driving experience versus graphite-only EVs.

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OneD Battery Sciences Launches SINANODE Pilot Manufacturing Plants & Breaks Through Silicon EV Battery Cost Barrier

October 07, 2021

OneD Battery Sciences, leaders in electric vehicle (EV) battery technology, today announced it has begun construction of its first pilot plants in Moses Lake, WA. The plants will enable each EV maker to customize and optimize silicon-graphite anodes for use in their upcoming advanced lithium-ion EV batteries using OneD’s patented SINANODE technology process.

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Chevy Bolt Fires Has Battery Industry Scrambling To Ensure EV Safety

September 17, 2021

The battery fires in some Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles have caused a jolt among the more than 600 companies at this week’s The Battery Show in Novi, Mich. near Detroit. Just as automakers step up EV production and try to convince consumers battery-powered vehicles are safe, companies involved in producing and testing cells are digging in to say they’re doing everything they can to provide peace of mind among consumers through advance technologies.

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October 21, 2020

SiNANOde® materials: evaluation and cell design

A high level framework to evaluate SiNANOde® anode materials and to design SiNANOde® cells for commercial production


October 21, 2020

Basic facts on CVD processes to grow Silicon Nanowires on Graphite

A technical overview of SiNANOde® manufacturing process developed by OneD Material™


October 21, 2020

SiNANOde® materials: key concepts

A deeper overview of the unique physical and electrochemical properties of SiNANOde®




List of relevant scientific publications and patents from 1996 to 2019 

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