When a long-time industry veteran throws his weight behind a start-up, it’s worth looking into

  • Battery technology is what the combustion chamber used to be: it is the great differentiator for OEMs
  • KT Neumann has seen an array of manufacturing processes used, but none compare to what OneD’s SINANODE platform achieves in directly addressing drivers’ needs
  • OneD has created the only manufacturing process that simplifies the process of using silicon technology to create more efficient and cost-effective EV batteries

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October 21, 2020

SiNANOde® materials: evaluation and cell design

A high level framework to evaluate SiNANOde® anode materials and to design SiNANOde® cells for commercial production


October 21, 2020

Basic facts on CVD processes to grow Silicon Nanowires on Graphite

A technical overview of SiNANOde® manufacturing process developed by OneD Material™


October 21, 2020

SiNANOde® materials: key concepts

A deeper overview of the unique physical and electrochemical properties of SiNANOde®




List of relevant scientific publications and patents from 1996 to 2019 

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