OneD Battery Sciences Unveils SINANODE, The Next Generation of Electric Vehicle Battery Technology

June 10, 2021, in PALO ALTO, Calif.

OneD Battery Sciences, leaders in EV battery technology, today announced SINANODE, a breakthrough technology to power the next generation of EV batteries. To build a battery with more silicon, a longtime challenge for the EV industry, SINANODE seamlessly integrates into existing manufacturing processes to fuse silicon nanowires onto commercial graphite powders, tripling the energy density of the anode while halving its cost per kWh. The higher energy density increases battery range while nanowires shorten charging time, enabling OEMs to design and produce electric vehicles that answer the booming market demand for better batteries. More here.

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Vincent Pluvinage Presents At Silicon Valley Investment Roundtable in Korea

May 17, 2021

Gwangju City held a Silicon Valley investment promotion roundtable event on the May 11th in cooperation with the Gwangju Free Economic Zone Authority on the theme of Next Generation Battery Technology and New Global Supply Chain Opportunities at the K Studio on the 3rd floor of the Kimdaejung Convention Center Convention Building. Vincent Pluvinage shared with the group the breakthroughs of OneD’s SINANODE EV anode technology.

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October 21, 2020

SiNANOde® materials: evaluation and cell design

A high level framework to evaluate SiNANOde® anode materials and to design SiNANOde® cells for commercial production


October 21, 2020

Basic facts on CVD processes to grow Silicon Nanowires on Graphite

A technical overview of SiNANOde® manufacturing process developed by OneD Material™


October 21, 2020

SiNANOde® materials: key concepts

A deeper overview of the unique physical and electrochemical properties of SiNANOde®




List of relevant scientific publications and patents from 1996 to 2019 

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